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Benefits of Massage for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes

Jiu-jitsu, at times, borders on contortion (the art of people performing extreme acts of flexibility). As jiu-jitsu athletes, our limbs and bodies are constantly in awkward positions. As a result, we often possess greater flexibility. In addition, jiu-jitsu students also utilize numerous muscle groups. This allows athletes training in jiu-jitsu to use and develop new muscle groups to improve overall strength. These awkward positions and intense use of muscle groups can cause wear and tear on a body.


Our bodies are not invincible. They’re like cars. We need fuel in the form of food for example. Cars need maintenance similar to the way our bodies do. The wear and tear jiu-jitsu takes on your body can have an impact on your daily life. It can slow you down, and even be a major distraction. It is important for athletes to treat their bodies like a sports car. Even Ferrari’s need maintenance every now and then.

A great way for jiu-jitsu athletes (or any athlete) to recover is by utilizing massage. Massage has numerous benefits to the body and mind. A professionally done massage will do miracles for recovery and overall relaxation. It will put your mind and body at ease.



Jiu-jitsu can be rough on your back, neck, and joints. These areas can often become sore from regular training and even more so when training harder for competition. A good massage will help mitigate the pain and soreness of these areas. This is accomplished when the soft tissue of the body is manipulated, stimulating blood flow to areas to create a relaxation response.

Massages will help prepare your body for intensive workouts. By ensuring it is in optimum condition and your muscles are relaxed, you can train at your best. This will help mitigate any possible injury from training while sore.

It is also important that athletes recover from workouts and training. Not recovering efficiently will mean that the athlete is not in optimum condition for future workouts so there is a loss on potential gains.

Getting a massage will do wonders to avoid injury and help speed up recovery time. You only have one body, take care of it. You also only get to have one jiu-jitsu career. Make it count!

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Patrick J. Flores

writer patrick flores gracie barra brazilian jiu jitsu scottsdale azAbout the Author: Patrick’s love for martial arts began early on in life. He was greatly influenced by pop culture and the desire to mimic figures he saw on TV. This sparked his love affair with combat sports and the culture behind it. He obtained a BA in History from California State Polytechnic University Pomona and wrote his senior thesis on the development of Martial Arts within the United States. During this time, he practiced Karate, eventually receiving his black belt under Sensei Ray and Shawna Ginocchio in 2011. Soon after achieving his black belt in Karate, he began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Patrick is currently holding a purple belt under Professor Rafael Olivera and trains out of Gracie Barra Chino. In addition to training in jiu-jitsu, Patrick attends California State University Fullerton for his MBA. He hopes to one day use his experience, education, and passion for martial arts to develop a rewarding career.

Twitter: @patjflores 
Instagram: @patjflores @bjjfotos

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