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What to Expect in Your First Jiu-Jitsu Class

What to Expect in Your First Jiu-Jitsu Class by Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts, Scottsdale, AZThe first day of jiu-jitsu class is a lot like the first day at a new high school. The people and surroundings aren’t at all familiar, and you are flooded with emotions. You probably aren’t sure what to expect.

You get your new jiu-jitsu school on the first day, and your uniform (gi) has this shine to it. You may not have even put it on right. You think to yourself, “Wait, do I tie my pants like I would a shoelace?”

On the first day of jiu-jitsu class, you’ll have to learn to tie your belt. Don’t even try to do it yourself, just ask a professor or coach. You look around and notice your gi is just a little different. Everyone else around you has a gi that’s worn out. You’ll find that there is a lot of respect among practitioners. There is a fair amount of bowing, fist bumping, and pats on the back.

You may find many different personalities in your first jiu-jitsu class, and many more as you continue your training. You will see: MMA fanatics, weekend-warriors (doctors & lawyers), and people just like you practicing jiu-jitsu. The mat is full of different personalities and people from all aspects of life, who are joined together through the common love for jiu-jitsu and a healthy lifestyle.

What to Expect in Your First Jiu-Jitsu Class by Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts, Scottsdale, AZOne of the most important things to remember on the first day is to be respectful of everyone training. You will most likely not know what you’re doing, which can be tough. Luckily, this is completely normal. Unless you have previous experience with martial arts, you probably won’t be used to the drills and structure of the classes. Even so, I’ve never know of a single person who was so naturally talented at jiu-jitsu that they were tapping out black belts on the first day.

That being said, don’t be discouraged by being the newbie and not being ‘good’ at jiu-jitsu yet. Everyone (literally everyone) goes through that feeling that the first day or so of training. Noticing and admiring the skills of others is an inspiration to what you can become.

Not everyone who starts will make it all the way to black belt — very few actually do. It’s important to remember that training jiu-jitsu is a journey. It is exciting and challenging, and you receive the support of a worldwide community of jiu-jitsu practitioners — an amazing benefit of joining the Gracie Barra team.

Enjoy the journey, and apply every lesson you learn on the mats to your life off the mats. It is then that you truly see the benefits from the amazing martial art of jiu-jitsu.

Learn About Gracie Barra Scottsdale

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~ Patrick J. Flores

writer patrick flores gracie barra brazilian jiu jitsu scottsdale azAbout the Author: Patrick’s love for martial arts began early on in life. He was greatly influenced by pop culture and the desire to mimic figures he saw on TV. This sparked his love affair with combat sports and the culture behind it. He obtained a BA in History from California State Polytechnic University Pomona and wrote his senior thesis on the development of Martial Arts within the United States. During this time, he practiced Karate, eventually receiving his black belt under Sensei Ray and Shawna Ginocchio in 2011. Soon after achieving his black belt in Karate, he began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Patrick is currently holding a purple belt under Professor Rafael Olivera and trains out of Gracie Barra Chino. In addition to training in jiu-jitsu, Patrick attends California State University Fullerton for his MBA. He hopes to one day use his experience, education, and passion for martial arts to develop a rewarding career.

Twitter: @patjflores
Instagram: @patjflores @bjjfotos

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